Boost your career together with Young Coders

Climbing the career ladder is very important. But those steps must be well thought of and not too big. By walking the steps to success systematically and focused on your career, you develop a particularly valued set of skills and work experience. Young Coders offers you exactly that: A well-designed career path where we guide you to the desired result. That is why we offer you a good education through our Young Coders bootcamp before you take your first step.

What can you expect after finishing the Young Coders bootcamp

After you have successfully completed the bootcamp, you can start working for one of our clients for a predetermined period, guided by a team of the best trainers and your own Success Coach.  Think of clients in the finance sector, automotive industry, marketing and communication or interesting startups. When this period is over you may be given the opportunity to join our client. You are then, as it were, ready to fly like a Young Coder! Your employment with Young Coders therefore ends.

What if?

Of course no person is the same. Your ambitions and possibilities can also change due to all kinds of external factors. We also take this into account. Young Coders believes in incentives and not in penalties. That is why we use our positive approach to motivate you as well as possible. And if your life path turns in a different direction, then we will help you make the best of it.

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