The added value of Young Coders for our clients

Every organisation is increasingly involved in the digitisation of society. This means that you as an organisation have to invest in this digital transformation. By investing we mean not only in the digital infrastructure and online expressions, but also in well-trained employees within the IT spectrum. And that’s exactly where the plot tightens. There is a scarcity of well-educated young people within IT. The number of IT-related education platforms is scarce and the young people who graduate often go to work for themselves. Young Coders anticipates this scarcity by training young people who have completed an exact study at Bachelor or Academic level as a developer and temporarily place them as a trainee at your organisation. After an agreed period our Young Coders leave the “nest” and they come into service with your organisation. During this period, the Young Coders are actively supported by our own senior developers and our Success Coaches who ensure that our Young Coders perform optimally and are enjoying themselves. Your organisation is thus assured of enthusiastic, well-trained talent who is fully familiar with your organisation. Our Young Coders are assured of a job at a great employer and their value on the job market has increased significantly. A win-win situation!


A Young Coder is a valuable and can start immediately in your organization as a junior developer. Not all of our candidates are eligible for our training program. We use a strict selection. Young Coders provides a good education that fits well with the working environment of your organization. Our basic program does not simply offer a course in html and css, but teaches the Young Coder talents to really understand what they are doing, based on Java technology in our standard training. Our Young Coders work with confidence and are immediately of added value. You do not have to spend time on an internal training. During the deployment period, the Young Coder is supported and actively coached by his trainer and success coach. Do you want to start with five or more Young Coders? Then we ensure that the training is fully in line with the technology stack of your organization. We then use the same tools and programming environment and languages ​​that are used within your organization.

What makes Young Coders different from regular secondaries for our clients?

Young Coders is not a classic IT secondment agency. We are fully focused on accommodating our Young Coders on the basis of a permanent contract with our clients. This means that they are well supported in the preliminary phase up to the day of entering into your organisation and are trained in accordance with the wishes of our clients. Does your organisation urgently need Java and .NET developers? Or Swift, php or C ++? We ensure that the internal training at Young Coders matches the scarcity in your organisation. This way you know that the trainees fit perfectly after an agreed period of one to two years and can be used directly at a high level. Where in case of a regular secondment assignment the knowledge departs again with the employee, the accumulated knowledge remains secured in this way within your organisation. Another advantage is that Young Coders invests in the training and guidance of our people without charging this to our clients. Our Young Coders must pass a strict selection procedure. An intelligence test, an insight test and a test with regard to social skills are part of this. If you still have specific wishes, we can include them in the selection.

International Young Coders

Are you looking for international talent? No problem! Young Coders does not look at borders. We also recruit our trainees in Europe. These Young Coders would like to live and work in the Netherlands to gain international work experience. Of course, these young talents are well grounded and speak and write proper English. Of course you make the choice as the client!

Transparency in investment for our clients

Another interesting aspect of Young Coders’ service is the investment you make to get a Young Coder to work for you. We see our Young Coders as particularly valuable and we also want to give that sense of value to our employees. This means that we consciously pay for relevant course and trainings and provide our trainees with all the things they need. We also provide active guidance and further training if required during the agreed deployment period. We use a transparent cost structure that we also discuss with our clients. For example, it is clear how the hourly rate of our Young Coders is built up and why we use it that way.

Want to know more about Young Coders and what we can do for you ?

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